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Send multiple messages to Azure Service bus Queues and Topics in batches

Sabarish Shivakumar

Mar 10, 2022

Category: Azure Service Bus


Sending messages individually is pretty inefficient compared to batching them up. In some scenarios, it may be necessary to send messages with configurable message count and batch count at a time to acquire a higher level of operational efficiency. This blog will help you understand how Cerebrata helps in this aspect.


Cerebrata helps in manually to send multiple messages to a destinated Queue or Topic with configurable message count and batch count. When your system has service bus messaging architecture this functionality can be helpful to test and process bulk messages. It reduces the consuming time rather than sending messages individually. Think time can also be enabled when sending messages to queue/topic. This specifies the time interval between messages.

How do we do it in Cerebrata

To send bulk messages in a Service Bus Queue or Topic you should navigate  to the required Service Bus Namespace > Navigate into the required Queue or Topic > Click the add message icon to send messages.

send message to azure service bus queue

You can configure the message count to send bulk messages. Send batch can be enabled with configurable batch size which speeds up the process of sending bulk messages. For example, if you wish to send 1000 messages to queue/topic and configuring the batch size to 100. These 1000 messages will be splited into 10 batches with 100 messages in each batch. If you also wish to set time interval between messages Think time can be enabled and can also be configured.

Note: If send batch is enabled Think time will be the time interval between each batch.

azure service bus send multiple messages

The required messages can be sent to the required destinated Queue or Topic in a much easier and simple manner. There is no need for any custom application to perform this manual task of sending bulk messages.


In this blog we saw how easy it is to send multiple messages to  Azure Service Bus Queues/Topics in batches using Cerebrata. Cerebrata provides most comprehensive set of features for managing Service Bus Namespaces, Queues, Topics, Subscriptions and messages. You can learn more about it on our website at

Other than that, Cerebrata has best-of-the-breed management features for Azure Storage, Cosmos DB, Cognitive Search, Redis Cache and more. It is also cross-platform so that you can manage your Azure resources from a platform of your choice – Windows, Mac, or Linux.

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