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Azure Cloud Services

Manage your mission-critical Classic Cloud Services on Cerebrata and enhance your team productivity. Free up your team to focus on core activities with the powerful functionalities to perform Cloud Service deployments, list Roles, Role Instance and Certificates.

Cloud Services Management - Cerebrata

Cloud Service Deployments

Cerebrate enables you to list, start/stop, change deployment configuration and delete deployments for your Cloud Service on the fly. You can also view deployment information, diagnostics and save deployment packages in blob storage.

Roles and Role Instances

Manage the roles (Web/Worker) and Role Instances in the Cloud Service deployment. You can list, update, view and delete both Role and Role Instances. Also, Reboot, rebuild or reimage a role instance.

Cloud Service Certificates

List certificates associated with your Cloud Service, add new certificates, delete certificate, download and view certificate information from your Cloud Service.