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Azure Cosmos DB

Equipped with robust productivity features to manage Azure Cosmos DB data in accounts targeting SQL, Gremlin, Table & Mongo APIs.

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Azure Cosmos DB Management

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Off-the-shelf features

Switch to a developer-friendly tool that helps you manage Cosmos DB based operations in an effortless way.

Multiple API Support

Single tool to manage Azure Cosmos DB resources targeting SQL, Table, Gremlin, and Mongo APIs.

Powerful Data Transfer

“Fast Mode: On” over transfer of data between your Azure Cosmos DB accounts – In a flexible way.

Data Presentation

It doesn’t matter how the data is stored, Cerebrata interprets in a way that is easy for user to perceive.

Document Analytics

Responsive charts/tabular format to view the number and size of the documents by logical partition.

Throughput Modes

Set up and modify all possible throughput modes including Serverless, Auto Scale, and Provisioned – In a few clicks.

Indexing Policy Designer

Harness indexing policy designer to define indexing paths, composite indexes, and spatial indexes on a container.


Carefully designed features to manage the data stored in your Cosmos DB SQL API accounts (databases, containers, and documents) super-easy!

Azure Cosmos DB Management

Query Manager

Build and save multiple complex queries using Query Manager. Also, reuse the queries across multiple containers.

Customization Options

User friendly customisation options to get a clear picture of your Cosmos DB SQL API data’s.

Powerful Downloads

Download all/selected documents from a container or documents matching a query to your local machine in JSON/CSV format.

Table API

Best-in-class features including query manager copying entities from one table to another, download, and more to eliminate the need of juggling between multiple tools.

Query Builder

Intuitive & easy to use Query Builder to easily build ODATA queries without the requirement of the syntax.

Advanced Entity Operations

Specify the entity attributes you want to fetch, customize attributes to display, change partition key values, and more.

Data Transfer

Copy/paste entities across multiple tables in the same or different Cosmos DB account targeting Table API.

Mongo API

Manage the data stored on your Mongo API accounts (databases, collections, and documents) in a fine-grained level.

Data Transfer

Seamlessly migrate documents between collections in the same or different Cosmos DB accounts.

Data Download

Download all/selected documents from a collection or a matching query to your local machine in JSON format.

Data Presentation

Visualize data in the way it can be most easily comprehended regardless of how the data is actually stored.

Gremlin (Graph) API

Unify, manage, and view the combined power of graph database algorithms with highly scalable and managed infrastructures.

Gremlin (Graph) API

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