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Azure Service Bus

Integrated management and monitoring capabilities for Azure Service Bus for achieving high productivity. Strengthen your Azure Service Bus monitoring and get powerful toolsets, actionable insights to troubleshoot messaging issues.

Azure Service Bus - Cerebrata

Cross Platform

Biggest advantage with Cerebrata is that it is cross platform, & you get same features for Service Bus management regardless of the operating system.

Azure Subscription Support

Connect Service Bus Namespaces with Azure Subscription using Active Directory credentials/Namespace name/shared access key/connection string.


Get real time monitoring and interactive insights for active, deadlettered, scheduled, transferred, transferred deadlettered messages.

Bulk Message Purging

Single click option to purge all messages from a Queue or Topic Subscription including the messages in main queue or deadletter sub-queue.

Resubmit Message

Get the ability to fetch a message from a Queue/Topic Subscription to edit contents/properties & resubmit the message for reprocessing.

Namespace Management

Perform operations like regenerating shared access keys, managing tags & locks on Service Bus Namespaces with “Open in Portal” feature.

Queues and Messages

Cerebrata offer extensive and all-inclusive features for Service Bus Queues and Messages management. Toolsets to help you perform both basic CRUD operations and advanced operations like purge all messages and monitoring.

Queues and Messages

Topics and Subscriptions

Cerebrata makes managing Topics and Subscriptions in your Service Bus accounts extremely convenient. With identical feature sets like Queues and Topics, you can monitor and Purge Subscriptions, resubmit messages, apply Subscription filtering rules, and customizations.

Armed with subscription filtering rules, you can list subscription filtering rules, create filtering rules and delete filtering rules. Also, options to create true/false/custom SQL filters as well as correlation filters on a subscription.

Topics and Subscriptions

Service Bus Namespace Management

Account management features in Cerebrata are bound to Azure Subscriptions functionality. Some of the dedicated features include listing Service Bus Namespace in the Subscription, assigning friendly names, filtering accounts by name or resource group and more.

Service Bus Namespace Management