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Azure Storage

With Cerebrata, set the new standard in Azure Storage management by performing basic & advanced operations like create, list, update storage entities, upload/download, & transfers.

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Azure Storage - Cerebrata

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Performance-Based Features. For you

Enhance nearly everything involved around Storage account management

Powerful Uploads/Downloads

Manage uploads/downloads on block size, overwrite behavior, compression settings, etc.

Query Manager

Build complex table queries easily and save them using in-built query manager for easy access.

Bulk Operations

Change properties, take snapshots, change access tier, and more with bulk operations functionality.

Table Transfer

Transfer data from a table in one storage account to another in same or different storage account.

Storage Analytics

Get deeper insights with logs, minute/hourly metric settings for blob, file, queue & table service.

Secondary Endpoint

View contents of storage accounts from secondary endpoints for geo-replicated storage accounts.

Blob Storage

From managing blob containers to blobs, Cerebrata provides most extensive set of features with full fidelity for Azure Blob Storage REST API.

Blob Storage

Powerful Uploads/Downloads

Uploads/Downloads with configurable block size, overwrite behaviour, compression settings, etc.

Bulk Operations

Change the properties, take snapshots, alter the permission tier, etc. of blobs and files in bulk.

Customizable Views

Get a radical view of your blobs, entities, files, and messages including their properties.

Blob Container Inventory

Download a list of blobs in a blob container with all the properties you want in a CSV file.

Blob Service Management

Configure and manage settings like CORS, static website, and soft-delete for blobs in your storage account

Blob Container Management

For performing operations like CRUD, manage blob container ACL, shared access signature and more.

Table Storage

Step up your Table Storage with features like the query manager, saved queries, copying entities between tables, and downloading.

Table Storage

Customization Options

Get a unified view with highly customizable options to enhance your experience working with Table Storage.

Advanced Entity Operations

Specify the entity attributes you want to fetch, customize attributes to display, change partition key value and more.

Table/ Entity Management

Perform various activities including List, CRUD, generate & manage access policies for Tables & Entities.

File Storage

Simplify and secure your File Storage management in minutes. Also, Cerebrata allows you to upload, download, copy, do bulk operations on shares, and even restore them in one click.

File Storage

File Share Management

Full-stack capabilities to perform operations like viewing file share properties, manage file share access policies & change share quota/snapshot.

File/Folder Management

Transform file/folder management with capabilities like view/update file properties & metadata, perform CRUD operations and more – all in context.

File Service Management

Configure CORS settings for file service in your storage account. You can list CORS rules, add CORS rules, update or delete existing rules.

Queue Storage

With Cerebrata’s powerful toolsets, actionable insights, and dynamic monitoring capabilities, you can achieve seamless Queue Storage management.

Queue Monitoring

Monitor the performance of storage queues and simulate the issues in applications consuming the queues.

Copy/Move Messages

Accelerate message movement from Poison Queues using copy/move messages functionality.

Dequeue Messages

Reduce your support time by dequeuing messages followed by updating or deleting them as needed.

Queue Management

Unify Queue management with CRUD operations, access policies, & create shared access signatures.

Message Management

List messages in a queue and fetch the same in either “PEEK” or “GET” mode.

Queue Service Management

Make cross-domain requests to queue resources in your storage account using CORS settings.

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