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Advanced Azure management tool for serious Azure Developers

Empowering Azure developers to move at the speed of business using a single cross-platform desktop tool.

Managing Azure services now simplified!

Comprehensive and powerful features to manage multiple Azure services from a single tool


Azure Storage Service

Empowers you to manage blobs, files, queues and tables in your Azure Storage account. Perform basic to advanced operations on these resources.

Azure Cosmos DB

Perform advanced operations on databases, containers, documents, stored procedures, triggers and functions. Manage accounts targeting SQL, Gremlin and Table API.

Azure Service Bus

Work on queues, topics, subscriptions and messages in your Azure Service Bus Namespaces. Perform basic to advanced operations on these entities.

Azure Cognitive Search

Manage indexes, data sources, indexers and synonym maps in your Azure Cognitive Search accounts. Includes advanced search and data management capabilities.

Azure Redis Cache

Connect and manage your Redis Cache accounts hosted in Azure or elsewhere. Manage server, databases and keys in the Redis Cache accounts.

Azure Subscription

Connect to your Azure Subscriptions and perform basic resource management. Launch Azure Cloud Shell or connect to Azure Portal from inside the application directly.

Fueling efficiency with a single tool

Cerebrata is built to propel developer productivity. It is packed with a suite of powerful features for managing multiple Azure Services in one place without switching applications.

Fueling efficiency with a single tool - Cerebrata

Cross-Platform Desktop tool? It's possible

Run the app on Windows, Mac or Linux, and get the same experience regardless of the operating system. Unlike other tools which are operating system specific.

Cross-Platform Desktop tool? It's possible - Cerebrata

Powerful Utilities to optimize Azure developers

As a developer, you focus on more than writing code, and we understand that. Cerebrata performs a wide variety of operations like data clean up, data migration and many more.

Powerful Utilities to optimize Azure developers - Cerebrata

Who's Using Cerebrata?

Thousands of Microsoft Azure developers and IT Pros from around the world, including many Microsoft Azure MVPs, use Cerebrata to boost their Microsoft Azure productivity.

  • Skype
  • Microsoft
  • Nokia
  • Xerox
  • Intuit

What our customers say about Us

It's not just about our platform. It's about our people.

Managing over 40 applications and over 125 storage accounts in Azure was daunting and time-consuming until I found Cerebrata's app. It's like PowerToys for serious Azure Developers and is at the top of my "Must-Have" tools list.

When it comes to managing my Azure resources the first tool I go to is Cerebrata. I use it almost every day as it’s like a multi-purposes tool I keep in my pocket. From CosmosDB to Redis, Storage or Service Bus, it does it all and does it well.

Essential tool to give mind-safe management experience for Azure. If you are using Azure CosmosDB or Search, this is the only tool to allow you to manage them like a boss!.

Cerebrata continues to change, improve, evolve, and update features to ensure the products stay relevant as Microsoft adds new features and updates to Azure.