Cross platform desktop app For Serious Azure Developers

Whether you use Windows, Mac or Linux-based machine, Cerulean makes it super easy and extremely convenient to manage your Azure resources.

Why Cerulean?

Many Services, Single App

Stop using multiple tools for managing different Azure Services. With Cerulean, you can manage multiple Azure Services like Cosmos DB, Storage, Service Bus and more.

Cross Platform

It doesn't matter whether you use a Windows, Mac or Linux machine. Cerulean makes it super easy for you to manage your Azure resources from an operating system of your choice.

Powerful Features

Loaded with a number of productivity features and convenience utilities, Cerulean goes much beyond other Azure management tools to help you stay productive and focused.

Many Services, Single App!

As developers, we normally work with many Azure Services in context of our applications. Working with different tools to work with these services is quite counter-productive.

Cerulean provides out of box support for a number of commonly used Azure services. It also provides deep integration with Azure Portal and Azure Cloud Shell to manage other Azure services.

Services currently supported by Cerulean include:

Cross Platform




Powerful Features!

Cerulean goes beyond other Azure management tools by providing a lots of additional features and utilities beside providing basic functionality and features provided by other tools.

These features and utilities in Cerulean make you as a developer more productive as you don't have to write code or your own applications to implement these features.

Some of the features and utilities provided in Cerulean are:

  • Explore resources in read-only/read-write mode.
  • Assign friendly names to resources.
  • Assign categories to the resources.
  • Application behavior fully customizable.

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Who's Using Cerulean?

Thousands of Microsoft Azure developers and IT Pros from around the world, including many Microsoft Azure MVPs, use Cerebrata to boost their Microsoft Azure productivity.

You're in good company.