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Azure Cognitive Search

Provide the most comprehensive set of features to perform both basic operations like creating, listing, updating and deleting resources (indexes, data sources, indexers, synonym maps & more) and advanced operations like configuring encryption, data management etc.

Azure Cognitive Search - Cerebrata

Powerful Designers

Cerebrata includes powerful interface to manage indexes, data sources, indexers, and synonym maps. Get unique toolsets to manage char filters, tokenizers, and synonyms.

Data Management

Cerebrata is the only tool available that enables you to manage the data in your Cognitive Search Indexes. Now you can add, update, delete documents with great ease.

Encryption Settings

Get the distinctive power to configure your Cognitive Search Indexes and Synonym Maps to use a custom encryption key stored in your Azure Key Vault.


Creating an index, data source or an indexer can be a daunting task. Now make it easy with Cerebrata by copying an existing index, data source or indexer respectively.

Indexes management

Powerful Index Designer

Intuitive user interface to define index attributes like fields, scoring profiles, suggesters, CORS settings, char filters, token filters, tokenizers, analyzers etc.

Encryption Settings

Protect your index data with a custom key stored in your Azure Key Vault, Cerebrata provides an easy way to this achieved using encryption settings.

Index Fields

Cerebrata has comprehensive support for managing all data types for index fields. You can create/update/delete index fields.

Char Filters

Cerebrata is the only tool that enables to manage char filters in an index. Using Cerebrata can create all kinds of char filters – Mapping and Pattern Replace chart filters.


Create all kinds of tokenizers – Classic, EdgeNGram, Keyword, Microsoft Language, Stemming, NGram, Path Hierarchy, Pattern, Standard, and Uax URL Email tokenizers.

Token Filters

Easy to create all kinds of token filters instead of resorting to hand crafting the JSON to create token filter definitions which is quite counterproductive and error prone.


Customize standard analyzers – Pattern, Standard and Stop analyzers or create a custom analyzer using char filters, token filters and a tokenizer.

Copy Index

Get to create an index in same or different account by copying an existing index. Save a great amount of time when you want to create a new index.

Data Sources

Data sources are used to populate data in an index in Cognitive Search. Cerebrata makes managing the data sources in Cognitive Search account extremely easy.

With the ability to manage activities like list, create, update and delete multiple kinds of data sources (Cosmos DB, SQL Database etc.) you don’t really need look beyond Cerebrata for managing your data sources.

Data Sources

Indexers management

Powerful Indexer Designer

An indexer has many attributes values of which depend on the number of factors like data source type, index, skillset etc. Cerebrata provides a really easy to use interface to configure these attributes based on selections.

Copy Indexer 

Copy Indexer functionality in Cerebrata helps to create an indexer in same or different account by copying an existing indexer. This functionality will save you a great amount of time when you want to create a new indexer.

Indexer Status

Check the status of an indexer or all indexers and view details about past executions of indexers to identify if the indexer ran successfully or not. This makes it extremely convenient to identify issues with indexer, data source or index configuration.

Synonym Maps

Get the ability to define custom rules to expand or rewrite a search query with equivalent terms. Perform both basic operations like creating, listing, updating and deleting synonym maps.

Use the unique and advanced feature of Cerebrata to protect your synonym maps data with a custom key stored in your Azure Key Vault.

Synonym Maps

Search and Data management

Extensive Search Options

Cognitive Search service provides a lot of options for you to search the data. In Cerebrata, Search using simple search strings or specify complex OData queries. You can specify fields which needs to be searched and more.

Comprehensible Data Presentation

Cerebrata presents the data in a way it can be most easily comprehended regardless of how the data is actually stored. Also, Cerebrata is the only tool to update individual documents or delete documents from index.

Data Management

Azure Portal only allows you to view the documents but not make any changes. But Cerebrata allows to add, update and delete documents in your index using an intuitive user interface. All types of fields are supported.

Cognitive Search Account Management

Cognitive Search Account Management