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Azure Subscription

Cerebrata allows you to manage all the metrics you need to efficiently run an Azure Subscription. Now connect to your Azure Subscription accounts using either your “work/school” account or personal Microsoft account and manage these accounts and the resources inside it.

Azure Subscription Management - Cerebrata

Multiple Connection Options

Connect to Azure Subscriptions using either Azure AD or Microsoft Account.Cerebrata also supports device code flow sign-in mechanism to connect to your Azure Subscriptions.

Multi-Region Support

Connect to your Azure Subscriptions in Azure Commercial or Azure China regions from a single application. Support for Azure Germany & Azure Government is coming soon.

Supported Azure Services

Best in class management experience for services like Azure Storage, Cosmos DB, Service Bus, Cognitive Search, Cache for Redis, Azure Event Grid, and Azure Classic Cloud Service

Integrated Azure Cloud Shell

Get the power of using Azure Cloud Shell within Cerebrata application to manage Azure resources using either Azure PowerShell or Azure CLI from there.

Azure Resource Manager

Hand-picked features to manage resource providers, view Azure RBAC roles, register/unregister an Azure Subscription, manage tags at the subscription & more.

Integrated Azure Portal

Get the Unique capability to access Azure Portal from inside Cerebrata and manage your Azure resources. No need to open a browser just to access Azure Portal.