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New! Just Azure resource launched

Rebecca Amos

May 12, 2014

Category: General

We know how important it is to be able to navigate, understand, and start using Microsoft Azure.

So we’ve launched Just Azure, a new site from Cerebrata, providing essential technical resources and educational articles to support you – the Microsoft community – in navigating and understanding the rapidly evolving Azure platform.

Providing a range of educational content – from technical series and how-to articles, to insights into real-world uses of Azure – the site helps both new and experienced Microsoft Azure users share expertise and utilize their tried-and-tested knowledge in their daily tasks.

For all developers on Microsoft Azure

Working closely with Azure MVPs, developers and consultants, Just Azure aims to make it quicker and easier for developers and IT Pros to start using the latest Microsoft Azure technologies in their development and production environments.

As MVP Mike Wood, Just Azure Editor, explains, “Just Azure is providing a great educational resource on all topics Azure-related, and going deeper than most blog posts or Getting Started tutorials. We want readers to have an understanding of how all the features of Azure fit together, how others have used them, and more. I see it as a companion to the great work Microsoft continues to provide with the Azure Training Kit and Azure documentation, adding an essential layer of tried and tested real-world insight and techniques from the experts of the community.”

Covering the key Azure categories of Networks, Application Services, Data Services and Compute, content on the site starts with series tuned for beginners who are just getting to grips with new Azure concepts – including Diagnostics, Cloud Services, and Queues. From there, the resources range to articles exploring real life use cases for Azure features, and examples of people using the platform for everyday tasks such as automated testing. Over the next few months, additional content will continue to expand the article series depth and coverage. Many leading Azure experts are already contributing to the site, including Michael Collier on Azure Diagnostics, Roman Schacherl on Storage Queues and Sandrino Di Mattia on Cloud Services.

So head over to Just Azure to read our first articles, and follow us @justazure for more coming soon!

We hope you enjoy Just Azure, and as always we’d love to hear your feedback – share your thoughts in the comments section of the site.