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Cloud Storage Studio V0.6 Is Now Available in Public Beta

Gaurav Mantri

Oct 30, 2009

Category: Azure Storage

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new version in public beta. This is probably the last version in public beta. We are planning to go live with Cloud Storage Studio around PDC time frame (hopefully before PDC).

Here are the few things available to you in this version:

Table Data Download

In this version we are providing the capability to download table data in XML format. In the current version you can download only one table at a time. With the switches turning off in Azure data centers located in WA on the 31st, I think this is going to be helpful for the folks who wants to download the data. In general I think it is a very useful feature as you have a local copy of your table data. We will have another blog post which will describe how to use table data download feature. To use this feature, please see the following blog post:

Very Large Blobs Upload/Download

We had an issue with uploading/downloading very large blobs (2GB+). We have taken care of this issue in this release.

Public/Private containers identification

Currently there is no easy way to identify if a container is public or private. In the new version when you see blobs in a container, the container icon in the button bar (at bottom left) will tell you if the container is public or private. If the container is private, you will see a folder image with lock otherwise you will see just the folder image. Furthermore, you can just click on that image to change a container from public to private and vice versa.

Following pictures show how to identify a private and a public container:



Like I mentioned above, we are gearing up ourselves for a commercial release. The idea is to have this product available for download on a trial basis around PDC timeframe.