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Cloud Storage Studio – 1st Month Update

Gaurav Mantri

Feb 1, 2010

Category: General

So we went live on January 1st with our Cloud Storage Studio product. More information about it can be found here. For the 1st month, here are the stats:

# Downloads: 750+
# Paid Licenses: 60
# Releases: 4

Most of our sales came from United States (47), followed by UK (10), Denmark (2), and France (1). I am yet to see a sale from India

In all I think this is a very exciting start especially because I never thought we would sell these many number of licenses in 1st month itself considering the fact that people still had 30 days to try out Cloud Storage Studio. We got our 1st sale on day 1 itself. My special thanks to all the users who showed confidence in our product and purchased a license.

The real test however will be this month when trial period ends for the users who have downloaded in the month of January. Given the trend I saw in the first month, I am quite optimistic about the outcome.

Looking forward to a fabulous February!!!