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A New Release of Cloud Storage Studio (V0.3) Is Now Available

Gaurav Mantri

Sep 2, 2009

Category: Azure Storage

We are pleased to make another release for Cloud Storage Studio.

What’s new in this release:

Filter by PartitionKey:

In the current version of the application, when you bring entities for a table it will try and bring all entities (limited to 1000 maximum) irrespective of the PartitionKey. One of the users suggested that while in the test scenarios it is fine however for real data they would like to see data related to one or more PartitionKey values only. This feature is now available in Cloud Storage Studio. By default this feature is disabled i.e. it will try and bring all entities. To enable this feature, click on “Configuration Settings” button and then select “Table Settings” and check the check box which says “Always Apply Filter by PartitionKey in Table”.

Container/Blob Enhancements:

Recently Azure team introduced some significant improvements in container/blob functionality wherein users will now have more granular control over container security ( We are including those in our this release as well. To set up ACL for container, right click on the container to invoke it’s context menu and the click on the “Container Access Policy” tab.

Cloud Storage Studio is still available in private beta. To sign up for private beta and get access to the application, please click here

UPDATE: Cloud Storage Studio has been replaced by Azure Management Studio.