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Configuring and managing Azure services made easy with Cerebrata!

Are you not ready to provide Microsoft Azure portal access to your development teams? Does your team build custom tools and face challenges in using SDKs?

Application development and integration using Azure resources demands lot of development, configuration, and management. Your development team end up writing custom code or have access to Azure portal to configure and manage the resources.

So it will be easy to go for a readily available tool and save cost on your premium developers focus on developing your business applications and save efforts from writing custom code for the same.

How can a ready-to-use tool help your development needs?

There are not many tools available in the market with frequent updates and support.

However, Cerebrata is here for you to get started! It is a cross-platform Microsoft Azure management tool that enables you to manage your Microsoft Azure services from the convenience of your desktop and platform of your choice.

This simple light weight tool comes with lot of features focused on core Azure services.

In this webinar, Arunkumar, Product Owner of Cerebrata had showcased the latest products features and how the same could help developers further ease the management process of their Azure resources.

About the speaker

Arunkumar Kumaresan

Product Owner – Cerebrata

With 10+ years of experience in developing enterprise-grade software, including architecture and planning, Arunkumar is currently leading an energetic team that provides you with regular feature updates for Cerebrata.

As Head of Operations (India) at, he also never misses out on bringing in unique perspectives from his years of experience.