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Advanced Microsoft Azure
management tool for
serious Azure Developers

Cerebrata, our flagship cross-platform Microsoft Azure management tool enables you to manage your Azure resources from the convenience of your desktop and platform of your choice.

Are you an Azure developer who:

  • Write custom code for performing management operations on your Azure resources?
  • Spend a lot of time juggling between different applications to manage your Azure resources?

Then, listen to Gaurav Mantri as he gives an in-depth introduction to Cerebrata and learn how you can manage your Azure resources more efficiently to be productive.

About the speaker

Gaurav Mantri

The founder of Cerebrata

Gaurav is the Founder of Cerebrata and main developer of the application. He is involved with Azure since it was in beta. When not working on Cerebrata, you can find him hanging around Stack Overflow helping developers like you by answering questions related to Azure.