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Version 0.1.0

February 2017


  • Support for DocumentDB Emulator (Windows Only). DocumentDB emulator connection can be added by going into “File” and then “New” menu option.
  • Ability to tell the tool to automatically fetch the documents using default query for both partitioned & non-partitioned collections.
  • View individual attribute value in a separate popup where either the value is of type object or is more than 250 characters in case of string type value.
  • Document viewer window’s width/height gets automatically adjusted based on the content size.
  • It is now possible to resize the document viewer window.
  • Ability to view date/time values (timestamp/last modified) in either local (default) or UTC.

Search Service

  • Create new index by copying schema of an existing index in same or different search service account.
  • Open “Index Properties” tab from “Index Data” tab.
  • Open “Index Data” tab from “Index Properties” tab.
  • Bug fix with the application where changing the “Key” field for an index was not setting the radio buttons appropriately.


  • Throughout the application, “Apply” button label has been renamed to “Save & Add More”. Similarly “Add” or “OK” button’s label has been renamed to “Save & Close”.
  • For read-only windows, “OK” button label has been renamed to “Close”.
  • Included release notes functionality.
  • Bug fix with application not showing the added accounts for the very first run of the application. A user has to restart the application to see the added accounts.