Cerulean is the latest Azure management product from Cerebrata. A truly cross-platform desktop app that enables you to manage your Azure resources from the convenience of your desktop and the platform of your choice. It doesn't matter whether you use Windows, Mac, or Linux, you get the same experience and ease of managing your Azure resources using Cerulean.

Today, Cerulean enables you to manage your Azure Subscriptions, Azure Storage accounts, Azure Cosmos DB accounts, Azure Redis Cache accounts, Azure Service Bus accounts, and Azure Search accounts. Support for more Azure services will be added soon. It is highly customizable.

Cerulean is offered as a subscription-based product with very affordable pricing plans. You can choose between either yearly or monthly subscription plans. Volume discounts are also available. Cerulean licensing has been greatly simplified as compared to our previous products.

Supported Azure Services


Connect to and manage your Azure Subscriptions and Services with integrated Cloud Shell and Portal.

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Manage Storage accounts and data (blobs, files, queues and tables).

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Cosmos DB

Manage Cosmos DB accounts and data (databases, collections, documents, and graphs).

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Redis Cache

Manage Redis Cache accounts and data (databases, keys) with console and real-time monitoring.

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Manage Search Service accounts and data (indexes, data sources, indexers, and synonyms).

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Service Bus

Manage Azure Service Bus accounts and data (queues, topics, and subscriptions).

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