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Advanced management tool for Microsoft Azure Developers

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For individuals looking to manage their Azure environments day to day

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For teams that need to manage complex workflows all at one place

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the pricing work?

    Cerebrata is offered as a subscription based service. What that means is that you purchase a subscription that is valid for a certain duration (an year or a month depending on what kind of subscription you purchased). During that duration, you are eligible for free upgrades and support. The subscription will be automatically renewed once the subscription duration has expired.

  • You can purchase a subscription from this page only. When you click on "Purchase" button, a popup window will be displayed where you will enter necessary information (like your name, address and payment information etc.). Once the process is complete, you will receive an email notification from our subscription/payment processor. If you have purchased a professional subscription you will receive license key(s) in the order confirmation email. You can then activate your subscription using those keys. If you have purchased a personal subscription, usually the subscription will be activated in 5-10 minutes after the purchase is complete. You will need to restart the application.

  • Technically speaking a subscription never expires. When the duration of a subscription is over, it will be automatically renewed.

  • Normally there is no refund in case you cancel your subscription. However please reach out to our support team in case you cancelled because our software did not meet your expectations. You can transfer a professional subscription to another user in your team.