About Cerebrata

Our Story


Cerebrata was founded in 2007 by Microsoft Azure MVP, Gaurav Mantri, and later acquired by Red Gate in 2011.

Cerebrata was acquired back by Gaurav Mantri in April 2016.

Our association with Microsoft Azure started in 2008 when it was announced in beta (back then it was called Windows Azure). Our first product was Omega.SDSClient, a Silverlight based client for managing Azure SQL Data Services. What followed after that was a series of developer & productivity tools like Cloud Storage Studio, Azure Diagnostics Manager, Azure Management Cmdlets, Azure Management Studio, Cloud Portam and Cerulean.

All of our tools are built on one simple premise: make your life as Azure developer as simple as possible as far as managing Azure resources are concerned.

We work closely with the Microsoft Azure community, sponsoring user groups and attending Microsoft Azure events around the world. Our goal is to build powerful productivity tools for the serious Microsoft Azure professional.