Azure Management Studio

Azure Management Studio Not Working!

If Azure Management Studio has stopped working with "The deployment identity does not match the subscription" error, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience but please uninstall the version you have and install the most latest version from here. Doing this should fix the error. The error is because of difference in code signing certificate between the version you have and the version available to you.

General Cerebrata Questions

If your question is not answered below then please don't hesitate to contact us.


Q. How long will my trial last?

All trials last for 30 days from the time you install. If you need more time for your evaluation just drop us an email and we will send you a trial extension key, giving you an additional 30 days to evaluate the product.

Q. Is the trial fully functional?

Yes, all the functionality is available during the trial period. You will also be entitled to product support should you need it, so don't hesitate to reach out if you run into any problems.

Q. What are the system requirements for your tools?

Our tools require the .NET 4 Framework (full version), and they will run on any machine with Windows XP through to Windows 8; we test across all versions to ensure compatability.

In order to the access the Microsoft Azure development storage emulator, you will also need the Microsoft Azure SDK.

Q. Do you have any Getting Started guides?

Our desktop tools include getting started guides, which you can read on first load.

The easiest way to add your connections to our desktop tools is to import your subscriptions following File > Import > Publish Settings. This requires your Microsoft Azure Publish Settings File, which you can download from the Portal.

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Q. How are your products licensed?

Our products are licensed on a per user basis; one license lets that user activate the tool on their machines. Each user will each require their own license.

All licenses come with two activations by default, allowing a single user to install it on two machines. If you require additional activations then please contact the team and we can look to increasing your limit.

Q. I've forgotten my license key. Can you please send me it?

Yes, just email the team with your order number (or the email address of the purchaser, so that we can locate your order) and we'll send it over.

Q. I've reached my maximum number of activations. What should I do?

You can deactivate a licence using the deactivation page or ask us to increase your license key activation limit.

Q. How do I deactivate my old license key activations?

You can deactivate a licence once every 30 days using the deactivation page. The 30 day limit is to prevent abuse of the feature, if you need to do it more often than that then let us know and maybe we can look at increasing your number of activations.

Q. Can I use my license on multiple machines?

Yes, each license comes with two activations as standard, letting you install the software on two different machines at the same time. If you need more - perhaps you use a lot of virtual machines - then drop us an email and we'll look to increasing your activation count.

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Q. How can I make a purchase?

All purchases must be made through our website using a debit or credit card.

Q. Do you accept purchase orders?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept purchase orders for our products.

Q. What does the price include?

The advertised price includes support and upgrades for that major version.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, see our pricing page for volume and reseller discounts.

Q. How do I receive the product?

All our products are delivered as a digital download.

Your license keys will be emailed to you shortly after you've placed your order.

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Product Support

Q. What types of product support do you offer?

Product support is included in the price. Just contact the support team with a short email describing your problem and they'll reach out. Most support problems are handled swiftly over email. However, if the problem is a bit knottier, or you'd simply prefer to chat, then feel free to just give us a call.

Q. How should I initiate a product support request?

Just email the support team and they'll take it from there. Most product related problems are resolved within 24 hours.

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Q. How often do you release product updates?

We aim to release updates to Azure Managmenet Studio each month, with a new major version each year.

Q. Am I entitled to the latest version?

You will be entitled to all updates for the major version that you purchased. Existing customers can choose to upgrade to the latest major version at a discounted rate.

Q. How do I upgrade my product to the latest version?

Azure Management Studio is released using a Click Once installer, which means that the product will regularly check for updates and install them when available.

Q. Do you have release notes?

Release notes can be found linked from each product's page

Q. How do I extend my upgrade period?

When a new major version release becomes available there will be an upgrade price that will be discounted from the full price.

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