Azure Management Studio

April 2017

New FeaturesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Azure Service Bus - Listing queue also includes the count of total messages in the queue and the count of messages in deadletter queue.
    • Azure Service Bus - Refresh individual queue updates the count of total messages in that queue and the count of deadletter messages.
    • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Storage Accounts management - Now you can set the encryption for Blob and/or File service when creating/updating ARM Storage Accounts in an Azure Subscription.

November 2016


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with Azure Management Studio crashing when updating properties of a cloud service.

August 2016


  • Enhancements
    • Support for Account Shared Access Signature (SAS).
    • Support for additional permissions in Service Shared Access Signature.
    • Ability to manage storage accounts in Germany data center.

July 2016


  • Enhancements
    • Basic support for Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Virtual Machines (VM).
      • List ARM VMs.
      • Delete ARM VMs.
      • View ARM VM properties.
      • Start/Stop ARM VMs.
      • Deallocate and capture ARM VMs.
      • Connect to ARM VM via Remote Desktop connection.

June 2016

Enhancements & Bug FixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Manage if or not you want to get prompted about Azure Active Directory name when connecting to an Azure Subscription in Azure Resource Manager mode.
    • Ability to select an encoding method when displaying a Service Bus Queue message.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug when an Azure Storage Table is opened in "Query" Mode, the "Linq Help" button would not work.

New FeaturesVersion

  • New Features
    • Ability to manage Resource Groups in your Azure Subscriptions.
    • Simplified license key manual activation process.

May 2016

New FeaturesVersion

  • New Features
    • Ability to connect to your Azure Subscriptions using your Azure Active Directory credentials.
    • Manage Azure Resource Manager Storage Accounts.
    To learn more about these features, please read our blog.


  • Announcement
    • As of April 2016, Azure Management Studio is now part of Cynapta Software. Cynapta Software has acquired Cerebrata from Redgate. To learn more about this acquisition and change, please read our blog.

March 2016

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Bugfixes
    • We had to remove the license key from the about dialog as it was reporting the wrong value for some users.

January 2016

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Added the license key to the about dialog.
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug you would get a error saying Buffer cannot be null when using the Send Copy to context menu option on a service bus message

December 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Features
    • Added support for managing Azure Cloud Services Extensions.

Novemeber 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug where 0 length files showed the wrong size in the blob container statistics page.
    • Fixed a bug when copying a service bus message the exact bytes of the message were not being preserved.
    • Updated Service Management Api version in AMS so it now supports operations on Cloud Services when a Load balancer is configured on them.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing Azure Management to crash when a subscription was removed.
    • Fix a bug where the wrong number of affinity groups were being reported in the main tree.

August 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed bug where VM Creation was not working.
    • Fixed a problem when after performing a search when if you click on the path in the toolbar the search would no longer work.
    • Fixed a bug where accessing a storage account via a secondary endpoint requests would go to the primary.
    • When generating a SAS for a secondary endpoint the SAS was actually generated for the primary.
    • Fixed some problems around pausing and resuming copying and moving blobs between storage account
    • Fixed bug with Service Bus Authorization rules were deleted upon property update

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Support for Append Blobs. You can view and download Append Blobs. You can also upload an Append Blob from a file and also create a new empty append blob.
    • When looking at blob snapshots you can now copy them and paste them to a new location. This is really hand for making a copy of a vhd!
  • Bugfixes
    • Correct error messages when there was a problem listing topics.

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • You can now set custom endpoints for a storage account so you can access the US Government and the Chinese versions of Azure.
    • Performance of copying many blobs between storage accounts has been improved.
    • Added support for creating SQL Databases in Australian data centers.

July 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Added support to manage CORS against the developer storage emulator.
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected issue where exporting a table to a culture that uses a comma as a number separator would export invalid doubles.
    • Corrected issue when adding an endpoint to a VM that is part of a virtual network .

June 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Added ability to copy a table entity. Right-click on an entity in the table results and select "Copy Entity". You will need to supply a new PartitionKey and RowKey. You can also elect to delete the original row or even change some of the entity properties.
    • Intial support for the new AppendBlob feature so that listing blobs in containers which have an AppendBlob during the preview will continue to work. Look for more AppendBlob support after the GA of the new storage service feature!
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected an issue where downloads could hang after Premium Storage support was added.
    • Corrected an issue where one of the VIP Swap buttons on the Cloud Services views was not working correctly.
    • Modified the UI around log filtering when using RegEx so that more of the previously used RegEx strings can be seen.
    • Corrected a few general cut and paste issues in the UI.

May 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Added coloring to the Y-Axis in the diagnostics performance counters view to match the color of the data line and legend.
    • The status of expanded application and connection groups will now be maintained between application sessions.
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected an issue where uploads could hang indefinitely after Premium Storage support was added.
    • Corrected an issue where monitoring multiple deployed services over long periods of time would leak memory.
    • Corrected an issue where deleting a large number (in the thousands) of Blobs from a contain could cause the application to hang or crash.
    • Removed a reference to "Continuous" table view from the options menu as that feature was removed some time ago.
    • Corrected an issue where AMS did not correctly display virtual machines which happen to have the same name, but were deployed to different cloud services.
    • Corrected an issue with "Import from URL" for blobs if the filename had special characters in it.
    • Corrected an issue where the application could hang if you were Ctrl Dragging a blob container over a storage analytics node.
    • Corrected a bug where blobs that included a trailing slash at the end of the blob name could not be deleted from the UI. They will still appear as if they are a file within a "directory" though.
    • Corrected an issue where if blobs had similar prefixes on their names that included slashes it was possible that attempting to download one of them could download all of them with similar prefixes.

April 2015


  • Corrected issue where the dropdown for selecting a storage account when creating a new VM would not work.

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • Added preview support for Aure Premium Storage. Note that for adding a storage account direct (using only the account key and name) you'll need to provide what type of account it is (premium GRS, standard LRS, etc.). This is because without access to the management API it is not possible to determine the account type.
    • Ability to request messages from a specific session when using entities in Service Bus Brokered Messaging that has session enabled. This works for both Peeking and Receive (Delete).
    • Ability to send a copy of a Brokered message in a Service Bus Subscription or Queue to another Queue/Topic in the same namespace. Just right-click on a message and select Copy To.
    • Ability to modify and resend a brokered message in Service Bus Brokered Messaging. Just right-click on a message and select "Modify and resend".
    • Provided different icons for the Service Bus Namespace types in the treeview. Now you can see the differences between the Notification Hub namespaces and the Service bus Brokered Messages namespaces.
    • Ability to set AMS to use non-default endpoints for your local development storage. You can set these by opening up the Tools > Options dialog and looking on the Application tab. Note, it may take a restart of AMS to take effect in some cases.
    • Added names for Cloud Services and Storage accounts to some of the tabs in diagnostics and the dashboard to more easily identify multiple tabs of the same type.
    • Added ability to add Storage Queue messages that are not base 64 encoded when using the "New Message" feature to directly add messages to a storage queue from AMS.
    • Added View Start Page and View Activity Log to the View main menu in case you close them and want to look at them later.
  • Bugfixes
    • Corrected issue where RDP connections initiated from AMS would fail after a Cloud Service deployment swap.
    • Modified the filtering in the diagnostics log to go back to using exact matching when not using RegEx.
    • Corrected issue where Storage Queue messages that were not base 64 encoded were failing to display. There is a known issue where in some cases this can still happen, especially if the content of the message is very small.
    • Corrected bug where the diagnostics view would sometimes not show the XML view for the first entry selected.
    • Corrected a focus bug when adding new storage accounts in some scenarios.
    • Corrected a sorting bug when adding new items that appear on the treeview.

February 2015

New Features and BugfixesVersion

  • Enhancements
    • If you minimize the Activity Log it will stay minimized and not appear when new activities are logged!
    • Ability to disable the Start Page. You can now turn off the start page so that it is not displayed when AMS starts up. You can turn the start page off using the checkbox at the bottom of the start page, or in the options under the Application tab you can toggle the setting if you want to turn the Start page back on.
    • Easily generate a Shared Access Signature for a blob snapshot. When you are viewing the Snapshot list for a blob, you can now select a snapshot and click the "Generate Snapshot Signed URL" icon (the one that looks like a camera with the little lock on it). There is also a context menu entry for this if you right-click on a snapshot.
    • If a tab to a Blob container is open but not is not the tab with focus and you double-click on the container in the main treeview the contents of the container will be refreshed. This helps scenarios where other users or processes are modifying the contents of the containers.
    • Ability to copy the contents of the body of Brokered Message on Service Bus Queues and Subscriptions. You can right-click on a message in the viewer and select copy. When a message is selected the body is also shown below the message list. You can highlight subsets of the body, or the entire body and copy as well.
    • Added ability to edit existing saved Table queries by overwriting them. When you click "Save Query" now you are prompted for a query name like usual; however, now if you type the name of a query that already exists it will prompt you to overwrite the existing saved query. If you click Yes, it will overwrite the previously stored query. If you click No you will be prompted for a new name to save the query under, or you can click cancel and not save the query. Note that if you rename a saved query to a name that already exists you will be prompted to overwrite the existing saved query as well.
    • Added the ability to provide a regular expression as a filter in the search text when filtering Trace Logs and Infrastructure logs data. This is filtering the information that has already been pulled back.
    • Ability to control the name of the blob container used to store VHDs for virtual machines when creating a new VM. You can use the New Azure VM dialog to select an existing container, which defaults to a new options value set in the Options under Virtual Machines. Previously AMS used "virtualharddisks" and this is still the default for the setting. The Azure portal used "vhds" by default. Note that if the container doesn't already exist in the selected storage account it can still be used, the container will simply be created. You can also select an existing container as part of the New VHD dialog.
    • Cloud Services and Storage account extended properties for custom metadata have been enhanced so that you can add metadata properties that have a Key, but no value. This is useful for "Tagging" an account or service without providing a value.
    • Ability to acquire and break leases at the Blob Container level is now supported in AMS.
    • The Service Bus tooling will now peek at messages across partitions for partitioned entities. Previously Peek would only return messages from a single partition.
    • The LINQ Table editor now understands DateTime.Now and various other expressions.
  • Bugfixes
    • Deleting a Page Blob that previously had a lease that was broken in the same AMS Session was failing with an error stating "There is currently no lease on the blob" instead of correctly removing the blob. This has been corrected and blob is deleted.
    • If you used the context menu for Cut on a Blob and attempted to paste it to another storage account (using either the Content Menu on the container or using Ctrl-V) the copy would not be performed. This has been corrected.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a crash when opening the performance counter data in Diagnostics for some customers.
    • Fixed an issue where pulling back performance counter data from Diagnostics would hang the UI for some customers.

December 2014

New Features and BugfixVersion

  • Service Bus Enhancements
    • Added ability to elect to create Service Bus namespaces with a paired ACS namespace. The default is to not create the paired ACS namespace in order to be consistent with the Azure portal. Note that ACS paired namespaces for Service bus are being deprecated and eventually will be removed.
    • Added the ability to set the type of Service Bus namespace being created (Messaging vs Notifications) when creating a new Service bus Namespace.
    • The type of Service Bus Namespace (Messaging vs Notification) is now included on the Service Bus Namespace properties.
    • Added the ability to create topics and subscriptions, complete with filter rules support.
    • Added the ability to create partitioned queues and topics.
  • Bugfixes
    • Made Blob Copy Snapshot URL more discoverable by adding a context menu and changed some of the icons on the toolbar in the snapshots window.
    • Corrected issues with drag/drop when moving a large number of files locally, and if the files or folders contained special characters.
    • Corrected issue where subscriptions containing cloud services with empty extended property values would fail to expand.
    • Corrected an issue where uploading data into an Azure Table that contained apostrophes in the PartitionKey would fail to bring in those rows.
    • Corrected issues attempting to delete a container in which a leased Blob existed. The folder would incorrectly be removed from the UI, but would reappear later. The activity log would report the failed attempt to delete the container but the UI would appear as if the delete had occurred.

October 2014

Bug fixVersion

  • Added support for D-Series Virtual Machines.
  • Added ability to set the default Table Query type to LINQ or OData. Look in the Options on the Table tab.
  • Renamed Hosted Services to Cloud Services throughput the application. Hosted Service is still the underlying API names, but the UI is updated to reflect the marketing name.
  • Enabled the renaming of saved queries.
  • Service Bus Namespace properties will now display Shared Access Signature data as well as paired ACS namespace data if it is present.
  • Added the copy Service Bus SAS Connection String to the shortcuts for a Service Bus Namespace.
  • Added ability to close all open tabs, and sped up the performance of closing multiple tabs in general.
  • Updated the UI flow for downloading a table to remove a redundant dialog.

Bug fixVersion

  • Fixed an issue where new Service Bus namespaces that were created in the portal and no longer backed by ACS were not accessible in AMS. A future release will expose the Signed Access Signature information on these entities.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting saved queries in Azure Tables was confusing as the same icon was shown for both Export and Export all.
  • Fixed an issue where some larger package uploads for Cloud Service deployments were failing.
  • Added button and context menu when viewing snapshots to download a specific snapshot.
  • Fixed an issue when importing AMS profile that were marked Read Only on disk.
  • Fixed an issue where the CORS information for queues were not being saved correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the upload of a CSV File for Azure tables was incorrectly handling double quotes in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the queue size in a Service Bus Queue was incorrectly handling partitioned queues and their sizes.
  • Fixed an issue that affected the generation of Storage Queue Signed Access Signatures.
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when uploading larger blobs (greater than 39 GB)

September 2014

Bug fixVersion

  • Fixed a bug where not all the entities were being returned in some table storage queries

Bug fixVersion

  • Fix a crash while listing service bus namespaces
  • Added the ability to manually activate a serial number
  • Fixed a bug stopping the LINQ Intellisense from working until a query was run

Table storage LINQ query support, view for messages in service bus queues, jump to objectVersion

  • Table storage LINQ query support
    • When querying table storage you can now write your queries using LINQ rather than writing ODATA queries
  • View for messages in service bus queues
    • Peek and Get the messages from a Service Bus Queue
    • View the messages in the dead letter Queue
  • Jump to object
    • By right clicking on a storage account there is now a jump to object menu item. This lets you type in the name of a blob container, queue or table which will then take you straight to that object.
  • Improved performance when exporting and importing data to and from table storage
    • The code for uploading and downloading data from xml and csv to and from table storage has been change to improve performance and work better with large data sets
  • Preserve the last modified date when downloading files
    • When you download a file from blob storage the last modified date of the file is preserved

June 2014

Bug fixVersion

  • Bug fix
    • Storage analytics and diagnostics logs are now available for all views

Geo-redundant secondary support, improved drag and drop, blob searchVersion

  • Geo-redundant secondary support
    • Azure Management Studio can now access files from the secondary of a geo-redundant storage account
    • The secondary is readonly and can be used without impacting the performance of the primary, useful for reporting or lower priority traffic
    • Add the secondary by checking the Access via geo-redundant secondary option in the Add Storage Account dialog box
  • Improved drag and drop support
    • Drag blobs from Azure Management Studio and drop them outside the application to initiate a download
    • Upload virtual files (such as files within a zipped folder) by dropping them inside the blob explorer in Azure Management Studio to decompress and upload the file
    • To achieve the best transfer rate, upload and download files from the right click menu
  • Improved blob search
    • Support for searching blob metadata
      • Search blob metadata names by prefixing your search string with "metadataname:"
      • Search blob metadata values by prefixing your search string with "metadatavalue:"
    • Locate specific blobs by using the following filters:
      • Page blobs or block blobs
      • Lease status
      • Last modified date range
      • Size range
    • Filters can be used in conjunction with string searches
  • Kill specific role instances
    • Delete individual instances of a role from its right click menu or using the Delete button in the operations menu
  • Create A8 and A9 sized virtual machines
    • These can be found with the other sizes in the Create New Virtual Machine dialog
  • Copy storage account connection string
    • Copy the connection string for a storage account to the clipboard by right clicking on the storage account node in the tree and selecting Copy Connection String
  • Copy blob URL for multiple blobs
    • Highlighting multiple blobs and selecting Copy Blob URL will now add a list of URLs to the clipboard
  • View release notes
    • Display the release notes for previous versions of Azure Management Studio by selecting Release Notes in the Help menu

May 2014

New VM size support Version

  • Support for new virtual machine sizes
    • A8
    • A9

April 2014

Blob transfer performance improvements, new datacentre supportVersion

  • Blob transfers improvements
    • Upload and download speeds improved by up to 50%
  • Support for Japan East and Japan West
  • Support for new VM instance sizes
    • A0, A1, A2, A3, A4
  • Blob lease support
    • You can now acquire and break leases on a blob from its right click menu
  • Bug fixes
    • Downloaded blobs open from download location and not temp directory
    • Improved error message when blob deleted during download
    • Disabled option to acquire lease on blob for storage analytics
    • Improved handling of add endpoint failure

February 2014

Bug fixesVersion

  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed ArgumentException during bulk uploads containing 0k blobs
    • Refresh button no longer disabled after error in blob transfer
    • Feature suggestion: Preserve selection on column sort in blob explorer
    • Importing table from CSV now reports unsuccessful if invalid rows encountered
    • Importing table from database handles invalid rows
    • Importing table from xml specifies number of invalid rows
    • Scroll bar now displays correctly when importing table from database
    • OK button on failed to upload entities dialog only enables after changes have been made
    • Total invalid entities no longer doubled when importing table
    • Fixed IndexOutOfRangeException when navigating to non existent
    • Fixed NullReferenceException on view properties if no blob selected
    • Fixed InvalidCastException on tree view
    • Fixed WebException when requesting non-existent blob container
    • Blob containers no longer duplicated when dragged into tree
    • Fixed ArgumentOutOfRangeException for some unicode filenames

January 2014

CORS management, import blob from URLVersion

  • CORS management
    • To manage the CORS settings, right click on a storage account and select "Configure CORS"
  • Import blob from URL
    • To import a blob, right click on a container and specify the blob's URL
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed InvalidOperationException in storage diagnostics
    • Improved defaults for upload to table from CSV
    • Fixed NullReferenceException caused by invalid event logs error query
    • Fixed WebException during blob upload error
    • Fixed ObjectDisposedException caused by auto refresh timings
    • Fixed ArgumentException caused by certain file types

November 2013

New VM size and minute level metrics supportVersion

  • Support for new VM instance sizes
    • A5
  • Minute level storage analytics support

October 2013

Start up page, bug fixesVersion

  • Added start up page to AMS
    • Contribute to UserVoice feedback directly from within AMS
  • Bug fixes
    • Blob file listing no longer displays folders
    • Added permission to break lease on blob
    • Added retry option for failed delete blob operations
    • Fixed keyboard shortcut for file upload
    • Fixed tree error during poor connectivity
    • Fixed transfer panel strings
    • Fixed Help menu display bug
    • Fixed incorrect display of blobs at storage account levels
    • Fixed blob explorer breadcrumb display issue

    September 2013

    Added support for Microsoft Azure SQL databasesVersion

    • Manage SQL Servers
      • Create servers
      • Delete servers
      • View SQL server properties
      • Reset administrator password
    • Manage SQL Database
      • Create SQL databases
      • Delete an individual SQL database
      • Delete all SQL databases
      • View SQL database properties

    August 2013

    Fixes to service bus and table storage functionalityVersion

    • Fixed major service bus issue introduced by changes made to the API
    • Fixed out of memory issue when downloading and uploading table data

    Added support for service bus and improved blob performanceVersion

    • Manage namespaces
      • List namespaces
      • Create namespaces
      • Delete individual namespace
      • Delete all namespaces
      • Shortcuts
        • Copy service bus endpoint
        • Copy ACS endpoint
        • Copy service bus connection string
      • View service bus properties
      • Export namespace entities
      • Import namespace entities
    • Manage queues
      • Create queues
      • Delete queues
      • Export queues
      • Import queues
    • Improved blob upload/download performance

    Improved blob storage experienceVersion

    • Improved performance of blob storage exlorer tree
    • Blob requests are now chained; removed 'More' blobs
    • Improved address bar behaviour

    June 2013

    Version support for virtual machines

    • Manage virtual machines
      • List virtual machines
      • Create virtual machines
      • Start virtual machines
      • Stop virtual machines
      • Delete virtual machiens
      • Connect to virtual machines
    • Manage endpoints
      • List endpoints
      • Add endpoints
        • Predefined
        • Custom
      • Remove endpoints
    • Manage disks
      • List disks
      • Create disks
      • Add disks
      • Remove disks

    May 2013

    New FeaturesVersion

    • Enhancements
      • Azure Service Bus - Listing queue also includes the count of total messages in the queue and the count of messages in deadletter queue.
      • Azure Service Bus - Refresh individual queue updates the count of total messages in that queue and the count of deadletter messages.
      • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) Storage Accounts management - Now you can set the encryption for Blob and/or File service when creating/updating ARM Storage Accounts in an Azure Subscription.