Azure Management Studio

Do it all with Azure Management Studio

In addition to including all the functionality of Cloud Storage Studio and Azure Diagnostics Manager, you also get some additional power user functionality.

  • Quickly add connections using your Publish Settings File
  • Import and export your connection settings - great for sharing across teams
  • Organize your resources into logical groups
  • Create project specific profiles e.g. Cerebrata Website
  • Create user specific profiles e.g. Cerebrata Test Engineer
Microsoft Azure storage

Microsoft Azure Storage

Azure Management Studio provides broad coverage of the Microsoft Azure Storage API, supporting a wide range of storage related tasks.

Storage Accounts

  • Add storage accounts by key
  • Add storage accounts by subscription
  • Organize storage accounts into logical groups e.g Test and Production
  • Create and delete storage accounts without visiting the Portal
  • Set extended properties on storage accounts
  • Manage development storage
  • Configure and view storage analytics
  • Chart storage usage
  • Track key metrics
    • Container count
    • Blob count
    • Utilization
  • Toggle read-only mode to prevent accidental deletes
  • Configure storage account access permissions
    • Set list, create, delete rights on
      • Blob containers
      • Tables
      • Queues
      • Access policies
      • Metadata
      • Analytics
  • Configure and view geo-replication information
  • Regenerate storage account keys

Blob Containers

  • List blob containers
  • Create blob containers
  • Delete blob containers
  • Download blob containers
  • Manage the root blob container
  • Set blob container metadata
  • View blob container properties
  • Manage blob container access policies
  • Set blob container permissions (ACL)
  • Generate shared access signatures
    • From an access policy
    • Using an ad hoc rule
  • View blob container storage statistics
  • Snapshot all blobs in a blob container
  • Set properties on all blobs in a blob container


  • List blobs
  • Upload and download blobs
  • Drag files from Windows Explorer
  • Organize blobs into folders
    • Flat listing
    • Folder listings
  • Delete blobs
  • Rename blobs
  • Move blobs between storage accounts
  • Copy blobs between storage accounts
  • Import blob from a URL
  • View and set blob metadata
  • View and set blob properties
  • Take blob snapshots
  • Promote blob snapshots
  • Copy blob URL
  • Upload page blobs
  • Create empty page blobs
  • Pause, resume and cancel blob operations
  • Automatically compress transfers
  • Highly configurable
    • Set block size on transfers
    • Set number of concurrent transfers


  • List tables
  • Create empty tables
  • Create tables from
    • CSV
    • XML
    • Relational database
  • Delete tables
  • Purge table data
    • By date/time range
    • By query
  • Download table data to
    • CSV
    • XML
  • Insert entities
  • Import entities from
    • CSV
    • XML
    • Relational database
  • List entities
  • Edit entities
  • Delete entities
  • Query table data
  • Query builder
  • Fast find (CTRL-F) search across retrieved entities
  • Save and manage table queries
  • Highly configurable
    • Control pagination
    • Customize visible attributes


  • List queues
  • Create queues
  • Delete queues
  • View and set queue metadata
  • View queue properties
  • Manage queue access policies
  • Generate shared access signatures
    • From an access policy
    • Using an ad hoc rule
  • Peek and get messages
  • Insert messages
  • Update messages
  • Delete individual messages
  • Delete all messages
  • Move messages between queues
  • Highly configurable
    • Control message visibility
    • Change message view format
      • UTF8
      • Base 64 Encoded
      • Byte

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Microsoft Azure diagnostics

Microsoft Azure Diagnostics

Azure Management Studio also provides broad coverage of the Microsoft Azure Diagnostics API.

Diagnostics Logs

  • Event, Trace and Infrastructure Logs
    • View historical log data
    • View live log data
    • Filter log data by
      • Type
      • Source
      • Date/time range
    • Purge log data
    • Download log data
    • View offline log data
  • IIS, Failed Request and Crash Dump Logs
    • Filter log data by
      • Type
      • Source
      • Date/time range
    • Download log data
    • Purge log data

Performance Counters

  • View historical performance counters
  • View live performance counters
  • View performance counter summaries
    • Minimum
    • Maximum
    • Average
  • Chart performance counters
  • Download performance counters
  • Purge performance counters


  • Highly configurable dashboard
  • Views logs and performance counters side by side
  • Track your application’s health


  • Transfer your diagnostics on the fly with on-demand transfers
  • Modify your diagnostics configuration without redeploying

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Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Microsoft Azure Management

Azure Management Studio provides broad coverage of the Microsoft Azure Service Management API, letting you manage your Microsoft Azure applications without visiting the Microsoft Azure Management Portal.


  • Manage all your subscriptions
  • Manage services under your subscriptions
  • Connect to your subscriptions using either Azure Active Directory credentials or X509 certificate

Cloud Services

  • Manage hosted services
    • List hosted services
    • Create hosted services
    • Delete hosted services
    • View hosted service properties
  • Manage deployments
    • Create deployments
    • Start deployments
    • Stop deployments
    • Delete deployments
    • View deployment properties
    • Upgrade deployments
    • VIP swap production and staging deployments
    • Promote a staging deployment to production
    • Change a deployment’s service configuration (cscfg)
    • Perform both manual and automatic deployment upgrades
  • View role instance properties
  • Upgrade roles
  • Change role instance counts
  • Reboot a role instance
  • Reimage a role instance
  • Connect to a role instance via RDP
  • Manage the SSL certificates associated with a hosted service
  • List the affinity groups associated with a subscription
  • Copy deployment packages (cscfg and cspkg) to blob storage

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Virtual Machines

  • Manage virtual machines
    • List virtual machines
    • Create virtual machines
    • Start virtual machines
    • Stop virtual machines
    • Delete virtual machiens
    • Connect to virtual machines
  • Manage endpoints
    • List endpoints
    • Add endpoints
      • Predefined
      • Custom
    • Remove endpoints
  • Manage disks
    • List disks
    • Create disks
    • Add disks
    • Remove disks

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Service Bus

  • Manage namespaces
    • List namespaces
    • Create namespaces
    • Delete individual namespace
    • Delete all namespaces
    • Shortcuts
      • Copy service bus endpoint
      • Copy ACS endpoint
      • Copy service bus connection string
    • View service bus properties
    • Export namespace entities
    • Import namespace entities
  • Manage queues
    • Create queues
    • Delete queues
    • Export queues
    • Import queues

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SQL Database

  • Manage SQL Servers
    • Create servers
    • Delete servers
    • View SQL server properties
    • Reset administrator password
  • Manage SQL Database
    • Create SQL databases
    • Delete individual SQL database
    • Delete all SQL databases
    • View SQL database properties

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Cerebrata on Uservoice

We work closely with our users and the Microsoft Azure community to ensure that our tools meet their needs. If you think we are missing a feature or some functionality, then we'd love to hear it. Either reach out to our product manager or add it directly to our Uservoice page.

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