Azure Management Studio

One tool to manage your Microsoft Azure cloud storage, diagnostics data and application workflows

Get complete control of your cloud storage, diagnostics monitoring and Microsoft Azure workflow.

  • Take control of your Microsoft Azure cloud storage
  • Easily monitor your Microsoft Azure diagnostics data
  • Quickly streamline your Microsoft Azure workflow

"I use and depend on Azure Management Studio daily. I don’t know of a better way to work with Azure storage and diagnostics."

Eric Boyd, Microsoft Azure MVP, CEO of responsiveX

Manage your Microsoft Azure applications, storage and diagnostics in one place

Working with Microsoft Azure blobs, tables or queues, managing your cloud services or monitoring Microsoft Azure diagnostics? Azure Management Studio has got you covered.

"Thanks to Azure Management Studio I feel like McGyver, I just use one tool to create almost everything. It’s my Victorinox / Swiss Army knife."

Mike Martin, Microsoft Azure MVP

Explore your Microsoft Azure storage like your local disk

Manipulating blobs, tables and queues should be straightforward. Azure Management Studio’s rich Windows Explorer-like interface makes it easy to manage your Microsoft Azure cloud storage.

Microsoft Azure storage

Manage Microsoft Azure blobs, tables and queues

  • Easily upload and download your Microsoft Azure blob storage
  • Quickly inspect, edit and filter Microsoft Azure tables
  • View and debug your Microsoft Azure queues

Make sense of your Microsoft Azure diagnostics data

Troubleshooting your Microsoft Azure diagnostics data can be tricky. With Azure Management Studio, you can easily monitor your Microsoft Azure logs and application and system performance counters on the fly.

Microsoft Azure diagnostics

Debug your Microsoft Azure applications

  • Quickly filter your Microsoft Azure log data
  • Easily track performance counters in real-time
  • Monitor application health with customized dashboards
  • Aligns with the Microsoft Azure Diagnostics API

Focus on your application, not the Management Portal

Administering and managing your Microsoft Azure resources can be time consuming. Azure Management Studio gives you control of all aspects of your Microsoft Azure applications.

Microsoft Azure PowerShell

Manage everything in one place

  • Manage your cloud services
  • Control your deployments
  • Script and automate common tasks
  • Broad coverage of the Service Management API

Who should use Azure Management Studio?

Whether you’re a Microsoft Azure developer building cloud-scale apps or an IT pro monitoring your organization’s applications, Azure Management Studio has you covered for cloud storage, Microsoft Azure diagnostics and managing your workflows.

"Azure Management Studio has become a required install for our team. With an email megaphone, thank you!"

Scott Cate, ASP.NET MVP