Community and Events


We love being involved in the Microsoft Azure community, and we think it’s important to keep in touch with what is happening at user groups, events and online.

Below are some of the ways we can help with your community activities.

Connect with us

Microsoft MVP/Regional Director (RD)

All Microsoft MVPs/RDs can claim a complimentary NFR license for any one of our products.

All of our products come with a very generous trial offer. We request you to try the software fully before asking for NFR license.

When asking for NFR license, please include:

  • A link to your MVP/RD profile.
  • Since our tools are exclusively for Azure, please tell us briefly what you are doing with Azure.
  • Please include some feedback about our tools and tell us how we can improve our products.

To claim your free license, please send us an email at mvp@cerebrata.com with the details mentioned above and we will send you complimentary license key/subscription activation key.

User Groups

Local user groups are a great place to share technical knowledge and connect with people who share similar interests to you.

If you're planning a user group meeting related to Microsoft Azure, or need a speaker for an event and would like Cerebrata to be involved, we'd love to hear from you - just get in touch.

Speaker Resources

If you’re speaking about Cerebrata tools at an upcoming event, feel free to use these resources. If we can help you prepare a demo of the tools, please do contact us.


Please do

  • Use the logos to link to Cerebrata
  • Use the logos in a blog post or news article about Cerebrata
  • Resize the logos and maintain the aspect ratio

The Cerebrata logos represent only Cerebrata and should not be used to represent your products.

Please don't

  • Use the logos for your application’s icon
  • Create a modified version of the logos
  • Integrate the logos into your logos
  • Use any Cerebrata artwork without permission
  • Sell any Cerebrata artwork without permission